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Advice on all areas within IT. If we do not have the knowledge in-house, we will look for another company together to work with you.

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Cyber security

Analyze, attack, and test the security of your network(s) and/or application(s). So you can be sure that your data is secure.

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Negotiate together or for you with third parties, so that a fair deal can be reached for both parties involved, and to increase the IT-knowledge present.

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(Web) Development

Develop or adjust applications ourselves or with the help of third parties to improve/automate your business/workflow.

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Sales & Marketing

Set up and/or implement a Branding, Marketing and/or Sales plan for your organization to give your organization/brand a boost.

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Training and certifications for you and/or your staff in the field of Cyber security, DevOps, Consultancy, and Sales & Marketing.


Why Absolum?

We don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" approach, every person and organization has its own wishes, ideas, and manners. That is why all our solutions are adapted to your needs (bespoke).

Phase 1

Initial meeting to get to know each other and to build a relationship (for new customers).

Phase 2

Meeting to determine project scope and preferences.

Phase 3

The first consultation(s) or the first solution(s) to solve the problems.

Phase 4

Feedback on the supplied solution(s).


The delivery of the finished result(s) adjusted to the feedback given in the previous phase.



An IT-specialist is someone who is busy with the processing and setting up of Networks, Software and Hardware. An IT-consultant is an advisor who devises/analyzes/improves a project together with or for you. Think of a doctor and a surgeon. a doctor establishes the problem and providesone or more action plan(s) that the surgeon will implement.

IT consultants are usually used as consultants within companies or once to support one or more projects. The advice that is given can vary but tends towards: Optimizations, Software, Budget, Planning, Mediation, and Creative solutions.

An example situation would be: "You have just started your business and currently there is no IT infrastructure." Here you can hire a consultant to come up with an IT infrastructure for you, search for the appropriate parties, enter into negotiations for or with you and calculate a suitable price for this project. If the price and the results are appropriate, the consultant can also guide these projects so that you can be sure that the end result is correct.

We do not mention fixed prices on the website because we adjust these for each client, period and project. For example, for Cyber Security projects, more is paid per hour because this requires more knowledge and this must be done in a successive order.

We offer several options for invoicing: you can pay a fixed monthly amount to reserve a fixed number of hours per month or to pay off a large project in installments. You can pay per hour, we register this and we bill this on the 25th of the month. Or you can pay in Project form, a project scope is defined for the services that have to be provided in exchange for a fixed amount, provided that an advance of at least 20% is paid.

It is crucial that you regularly have your network checked for safety and leaks (at least once a year). Because the threshold to become a hacker is becoming lower and lower with the wide range of free online cruses and scripts, we have seen a rise in data leaks and attacks on companies for years.

By implementing small and cheap adjustments such as the introduction of new software and routine adjustments can greatly increase the safety of your company. Our goal is to make your business as safe as possible with as little effort as possible (user burden) and input (money).

Today everyone (especially young people) searches everything via Google (or similar search engines) to be found on Google, it is crucial that your company has a website and one or more social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). If you do not have this, you run the risk of missing out on your customers because you cannot be found.

Your website is also a good source of information and business card for your customers. This allows you to save a lot of time and money by, for example: making a link to your online portal, a frequently asked questions section and making your data available such as your menu or location.

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Absolum is an IT consultant based in Maastricht. We focus on Consulting, Web Development, Development, Automatisering, Security en op maat gemaakte oplossingen.

Spilstraat 6 C20, 6211 CP Maastricht


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