Your technical partner with a feeling for business. We completely relieve you in the field of technical issues so that you can focus on your company!


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Why Absolum?

Our extensive experience with multiple start-ups and corporates at an international level enables us to add and realize value as a technical expert.

We look into projects as entrepreneurs and select solutions accordingly.

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Our services

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Advice on all areas within ICT. We think along in your organization to realize the most suitable solutions and answer your questions

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Improve privacy and security around sensitive data within your organization with an eye out for ease of use and implementation

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Negotiating jointly or on your behalf with third parties, to ensure that projects run as efficiently as possible with just one contact person

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Setting up, optimizing and/or analyzing technical solutions within your organization such as apps, websites and workflows



Assess an organization's technical value and application for possible acquisition and/or expansion of your portfolio

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Recruiting and guiding new staff for your organization at sales & technical level or use of software


We like to build relationships with our customers because a shared and fruitful future is our top priority.


Compose the scope of the project and its duration with an expectation of work and expertise.


A proposal or example of the work to be done with a prospection of duration and costs.


Implementation of the project as described in the proposal with regular feedback and progress sessions.


Completion of the delivered results and the transfer of credentials & data.


Frequently Asked Questions

An IT-specialist is someone who is busy with the processing and setting up of Networks, Software and Hardware.

An IT-consultant is an advisor who devises/analyzes/improves a project together with 
or for you. Think of a doctor and a surgeon. a doctor establishes the problem and providesone or more action plan(s) that the surgeon will implement.

IT consultants are usually used as consultants within companies or once to support

one or more projects. The advice that is given can vary but tends towards: Optimizations,

Software, Budget, Planning, Mediation, and Creative solutions.

An example situation would be: "You have just started your business and currently there is no IT infrastructure." Here you can hire a consultant to come up with an IT infrastructure for you, search for the appropriate parties, enter into negotiations for or with you and calculate a suitable price for this project. If the price and the results are appropriate, the consultant can also guide these projects so that you can be sure that the end result is correct.

We do not provide a fixed pricing set on the website we always look at the client, the project and the timeframe to find a suitable price for us and our client. Getting a quote is always free and we highly recommend doing so 😄




Wants to quickly conquer a market but is often still looking for the correct way to enter.

For the start-ups, we realize network, knowledge and expertise with the understanding that every cent counts and that everything must be done quickly. Working together is crucial for the success of the company.



Time is money and money has to make a profit. For an SME every investment must make the company more flexible and/or more profitable.

For SMEs, we focus on improving efficiency and taking over tasks. This way, the SME entrepreneur can focus on expanding his business(es).

Groot Ondernemer

Business Executive

Big and stable are the goals of a business executive. It is important that everything is completed correctly and on time to the highest standards.

A business executive is looking for a  partner in his organization to whom the tasks can be entrusted and the continuation of the work is safe.



Herengracht 221
1016 BG

Phone number

+31 6 42364788
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:30

Absolum is an IT consultancy based in Maastricht & Amsterdam. We offer counsel and implementation advise in IT with a focus on the development of new markets/projects.

Herengracht 221, 1016 BG Amsterdam


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